Philanthropy Australia’s definition, of philanthropy:

The planned and structured giving of money, time, information, goods and services, voice and influence to improve the wellbeing of humanity and the community.

Our Purpose

Support for:

  • people diagnosed with a brain tumour in partnership with Austin Health.

  • educational opportunities for young people experiencing disadvantage.

  • other related social justice programs.


Our Commitments

  • 5 year commitment (2022) to Austin Health for the Brain Tumour Support service, including CPI, subject to viability of the Fund.

  • In principle commitment to North Heidelberg Sporting Club and Lohy’s Legends cricket clinics.

  • Consider other education/training programs targeting young people experiencing disadvantage and reduce the number of individual scholarships granted annually.

  • Other purpose-aligned programs may be brought forward by Committee members from time to time under our framework for grant making.  These will only be considered at a meeting of the Committee.


Framework for grant making

The John Cummins Memorial Fund continues to work towards achieving a sustainable Fund.  This is important so as to ensure our two main priorities outlined in our purpose continue to receive support in the medium to long term. 

It is critical that the level of funding for the Brain Tumour Support Service is maintained to ensure its viability.  CPI increases and other operational requirements will be considered by the Committee on an annual basis.

The Scholarship subcommittee has indicated its intention to continue to support educational opportunities for young people experiencing disadvantage.  This will be achieved by providing grants for programs in secondary schools that respond to issues and needs of our target group.  Individual scholarships will continue to be considered in response to schools that submit applications that meet the criteria.

Consideration may be given to other social justice programs from time to time.  The framework the Committee will use to consider a grant will include programs that:

  • Responds to identified needs

  • Identifies the benefit of community building

  • Strives to achieve social inclusion
    and or…

  • Has a social impact

Such programs/initiatives will only be considered at a meeting of the Committee.



  • Individuals (exception scholarship program)

  • Private profit making organisations

  • Registered political parties

  • Religious groups that promote their spiritual beliefs (exception scholarship program can support individual students in non government schools)

  • Family of Committee members

This document was considered and approved by the JCMF Committee April 2019.